Who Am I?



Look at my name. Does it look familiar? Well, it shouldn’t. I am a Canadian expat. That sounds exotic to me, but all it means is that I used to live in Canada and currently I live in Spain. Don’t get me wrong, Canada is where I grew up. It’s just that circumstances lead me to believe that Spain can offer me a better life at this time.

What do I know about a “better life”? Compared to my parents fleeing from a revolution and a civil war from two different countries in a span of a few years and move to Canada, my life in “our home and native land” was completely safe and fine. What right did I have by moving to another country after what my parents did to provide us safety? Have you seen the sun in Spain? Hello! Let me remind you of the famous saying, it doesn’t “rain in Spain” (Not true in some parts of Spain by the way)! What other reason could you possibly need to explain my disappearance from Canada in the past few years?