How to create a coffee shop ambiance in the comfort of your own home

How to create a coffee shop ambiance in the comfort of your own home


Now, back to business.

You just love escaping to your favourite coffee shop to do a little work in peace. So what if you can’t get there today? Rainy day? Lazy? Rainy day + lazy? No problem! Forget about your rain boots and the wind that’s picked up outside. You’re in for a treat!

Do you really need the perks of a coffee shop to get your work done? What’s your sole objective in going to one? Is it to relaxingly get your work done with no distractions of having to wash those dishes in the sink from last night? Is it to enjoy the music? Not to mention those yummy coffee drinks topped with whipped cream. Oooh, but it’s too cold to go outside, even to enjoy all of the above. Kick back and relax. It’s the weekend, after all.

Here’re some tips to create a similar environment in the comfort of your own home.

  1. Set the mood. Light up a candle or two, ones with your favorite fragrance if you may.
  2. Go a little further and add jazz music. YouTube is good at finding you a nice, soothing track.
  3. Plop a pillow or two on the sofa. Take out the book you’re reading and lay on the sofa with your feet on the pillows.
  4. Prepare some tea and put it in your teapot or French press and set it next you on the coffee table and…voila- there you have it!

Enjoy your tea while you read your intriguing book or while you do work on your laptop.

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Signing off-

Shamim Sobhani