It’s a Monday here in Madrid. No big deal, right? Well, it may be just an ordinary weekday for some, but not for me! As a teacher, I’m privileged to have the day off (woot woot!). Easter Monday. That means a number of things. I got to visit my favorite and only embassy (Canadian) this morning, go to my city hall and get some info regarding parking in my neighborhood, and well that’s it. In terms of getting errands done that is. Do you know how useful it is to have a day off during the week? An unfortunate thing as a teacher is that I’ve got to wait for days like these to run essential errands. I need to go to the bank? Well too bad, I gotta wait till the next “reading day” when teachers get the day off. Need my passport renewed? Guess what? Gotta wait for that weekday and get myself over there before the office closes midday. Same goes for banks. I find it unbelievable that they close as early as 2:30pm. Hey I’m no Einstein but I am positively sure that they can afford to stay open till at least 6. We mere civil servants don’t got the time to leave our work in the middle of the day and go to a bank. Anyway, it’s not my favorite thing to do if you know what I mean. Unless I’m cashing in.

Besides running errands I’m reminded by the beating sun on my head this very minute that I can spend the rest of my day off enjoying my day off at coffee shops. Sitting outside on the terrace of one coffee shop makes me remember all the good things life has to offer.

As I’ve stressed in previous posts sunny days all round has made everything worth moving to Spain. πŸ™‚

31 thoughts on “Just another Monday…or is it…?

  1. it’s warm, it’s sunny, there are flowers everywhere and it could be worse because you could be in Canada with cold rain or snow showers but you’re in Madrid. life is good.

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  2. As a retired teacher in Canada, I can relate! Bankers are the same everywhere – although recently they have extended their hours for the benefit of those who work hard for a living… don’t get me started! Good to see that some parts of the world have beautiful weather today! I’m surprised that the Canadian Embassy was open today – government offices are closed here.

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    1. Hi to a fellow Canadian! Which part of Canada are you from? Yes, I was surprised too; for some reason the Canadian embassy in Barcelona was closed, but not in Madrid. It’s not considered a holiday in my city.

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  3. I’m pleased to meet you! I live in Waterloo, Ontario – about a one hour drive west of Toronto. I grew up in Dundas, Ontario, on the west end of Hamilton, came to Waterloo for university and stayed. What part of Canada are you from?

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      1. I’m sure there’s a huge difference in the weather. Halifax got hit very hard this winter – it seemed that Nova Scotia got it with one storm right after another without many breaks in between. Still, there’s no place like home!

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  4. Greetings from another fellow Canadian. A long weekend here with the Victoria Day weekend. And the weather is just starting to warm up.

    Even though it would be harder to run errands in Spain, I imagine the weather there has made it all worth it in moving to Spain!

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  5. I totally understand what you mean about needing a business day to take care of those kinds of errands! I’m a substitute teacher, but luckily I get off with an hour to spare before many of these places close. I live in Texas (USA), and I have often thought how wonderful it would be to live in Spain! This is so intriguing, I am so glad that you have that opportunity.

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