My Story

My Story

Some friends have asked me if I plan on posting some exercise routines in my blog. I can’t stress enough how flattered I was to hear that. As much as I’m into keeping fit, I certainly don’t have expertise on that topic and I don’t consider myself an instructor. I’m not a certified yoga instructor either. However, that’s not to say that ideas of the sort won’t pop up in my blog from time to time (watch out Shaun T, Cassie Ho and Adriene). Tip: These pros offer exercises distinct from one another and they are my main sources of exercise. If you’re seeking intense cardio routines plus toning your muscles, Shaun T’s your man. If you’re looking for something softer (not as intense) but something that will still work your core to death, Cassie Ho’s Blogilates does pilates and cardio and thanks to her colourful, non-stop talking videos, you’ll never get bored! If you want to take a step back and concentrate on breathing and stretching, turn to Yoga with Adriene. All three instructors are awesome in their own way.

In the next few weeks I hope to publish some posts about tips for foreigners residing in Spain, which is where I live. Disclaimer: Don’t be surprised if you see the word “Canada” mentioned more than once. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been mistaken for being American (no offense, Americans). I live in an environment where almost everybody who is an English speaker is presumed to be either British or American. Unless I’ve been misinformed, there are not that many Canadians in Spain. Either that or we Canadians are too busy watching hockey on television indoors while everyone else is outside soaking up the sun.

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Shamim Sobhani